I bet you’d like to know how I’m doing NOW!

Well my, my, my! It has been a while!

In the year and a half since I updated this blog, I have gained a girlfriend and two more cats, picked up a fine passel of writing gigs, and, most importantly, moved. I moved! It’s true. I still work on the North Shore, but now – now! – I reside in the great city of Somerville.

Now I can do what I always intended with this blog: discuss the little tricky bits of the places we haunt so long that we call them home, especially the ones in the Greater Boston Area. 

But today, I have a review due. Sorry, guys. 

Stay tuned for a little ditty I call “The Somerville Bike Path.” Or, “The mysterious otherworldly border between our world and one where all the oil has been used up.”