New Job’s a-Comin’



See that neat-o logo up there? That’s the official sigil of my brand-new professional digs! As of July 1, I’ll be the adult services librarian at Wilmington Memorial Library.

I am so excited for this position that I can’t even.

There’ll be a great deal of programming involved in this position. This is exciting: I have freaking AMAZING programming ideas. Many are set outside of the library, many are set inside of the library, and all have that there logo hanging over them on a big giant banner. It’s going to utterly rock.

In honor of this exciting event, and because I have been having nothing but ideas since I heard the news, here’s a list of library program starters from A to Z. It’s a smallish selection, but I’m still collecting from all my friends and colleagues. If you want to contribute, feel free to add ideas in the comments! In fact, PLEASE add! Invent new letters and add your own, use numbers and symbols, or just tack your own library programming ideas onto the 26 pre-agreed Roman numerals. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

And if you like any of them, remember to steal all of my ideas and never ever worry about attribution! Yeeeaah!




A: Astrologer in the library

B: Beer tasting

C: Cat training

D: Defense Against the Dark Arts Harry Potter night

E: Etsy for Businesspeople

F: Fruit smoothies

G: Glass blowing

H: Healthy Paleo dieting

I: Ink art

J: Jail in America: all about the federal and state prison systems

K: Kooks: debunking medical scamsters and frauds

L: Loving someone with depression

M: Meditation night

N: Nature in your Backyard

O: Organized crime: Boston’s sordid history

P: Pickling

Q: Quick carpentry

R: Raising exotic spiders

S: Spinning yarn from wool

T: Tax tips and tricks

U: Upping the ante: how to win at poker

V: Veterans’ visit and discussion

W: Wild Wilmington: little-known local history

X: Xylophone concert

Y: Yoga

Z: Zelda night: adult-only classic video game competition


One Comment on “New Job’s a-Comin’”

  1. Doug Cooper says:

    Cat training is possible? I’ve said it before in person, but congrats on the new job.


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