Tomorrow (I Mean Today!) is Free Comic Book Day

When I wrote this, it was late, late at night. Unbeknownst to me, I crossed the dateline into Official Free Comic Book Day territory as the post was published! So for goodness sake, go get some free comic books. IT’S TODAY.)


If you like those comics, my friendly friend-people, then get thee to a comic book store (or Reuben Hoar Library) tomorrow, for it is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!


I, however, shall be working. This, of course, SUCKS, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun. Go ahead! Don’t think of me, suffering in the shackles of capitalism for the sake of your information literacy. Go on!

Plus, I already have opinions about the freebies that I want.

Atomic Robo


Ohmanohmanohmanohman I LOVE Atomic Robo! Well, I love Doctor Dinosaur. And where Atomic Robo goes, Doctor Dinosaur is sure to show up eventually! Sure, Atomic Robo is basically Hellboy in chrome, but did I mention Doctor Dinosaur? Doctor Dinosaur makes everything awesome.


That’s from a comic that wasn’t free. Sadly, all Atomic Robo does in this FCBD issue, apparently, is check out Centralia. Doesn’t sound like Doctor Dinosaur will be there. I’ll have to get my fan fix on Twitter.

The Tick


I just want his nemesis to be Mr. Lyme or something. Anyway, their city gets shrunk by the Hoarder. WHAT WILL THEY DO? SPOOOOOOOON!

Guardians of the Galaxy


Hoogasaka! Featuring Crow T. Robot as Groot! This is a Bendis bit and likely to have all the trappings in prep for the movie. Honestly, expect it to go first. It makes me kind of glad that I already have no hope of getting these, as I will be at work. If I didn’t get a copy of this after going to all the trouble of deciding that I actually wanted it, I think I’d cry. There’s also a Spidey-Verse teaser in there, but Spidey and I aren’t talking right now because all my friends hated his movie and it’s awkward.

Steam Wars


It’s like STAR Wars, but instead of flying through the stars, they’ll fly through STEAM! How dramatic! I must have it. Except…I hate the art. Don’t call me anti-anime! I am not. Don’t call me a cretin! No! I just can’t get over seeing their faces all different again! There have been too many Star Wars cartoons, video games, and Legos! MAKE IT STOP!

I don’t mean that. Never stop, Star Wars adaptations. Do you. 😉


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