What Twitter Is For

Today I am ill. I have been ill for about a solid week, and while I initially intended to soldier through like a model librarian, spreading disease to hapless hordes of children and the elderly like the Typhoid Mary of reference work, I eventually conceded that as long as I am a walking sack of infection, the reasonable thing to do would be to stick around the apartment with my Ebola and wheeze it all out. It has been a good choice.

On days like these, I feel terribly disconnected from the library-o-sphere. Sad and lonely is the ill librarian! That’s when I fire up Twitter and lurk to my heart’s content. Most of my library news I get from the Twit. I have a list of librarians which is doubtless incomplete but still useful. Included on this list is Spoonzy Pudín, who speaks the hilarious truth; Doge B. Rarian, who is a dog; and Satan Librarian, of whom I obviously approve and who was in an interesting battle of wits with Librarian Jesus for a while. I found it significant that Satan Librarian’s grammar was consistently superior to Librarian Jesus’ grammar. I attribute it to Biblical statements against witchcraft. Jesus must have never learned…to spell! AAAAHAHAHAHAHA oh ow laughing makes me cough.

See what happens when I get sick?

I must admit that my absolute favorite use for Twitter is livetweeting conferences. I started with the completely awesome Digital Commonwealth earlier this year and I’ll be livetweeting the RA Unconference later this week, at which time I will hopefully be well again.

I’m extremely excited about this Uncon. The organizers have generously given me a travel stipend. They are also allowing me to post on their blog at the conclusion, a decision that I am positive they will not regret. I’m never been to an Uncon before and this particular Uncon is about Readers’ Advisory, so my level of stokedness is indeed high.

Readers’ Advisory is the closest we will ever come to turning library work into a video game. My hit rate is high, but only when I’m dealing with recs I’ve actually read. I wince to admit this, but I find myself having to rely heavily on reviews and Novelist to keep up with what’s coming out. (When I must reference Novelist, I feel deep Catholic shame.) I also tend to recommend graphic novels to just about everybody because childhood church stuff. (Hey, did you know that exorcists still exist and Pope Francis kinda sorta approves of them? It’s true-ish! The one quoted in this article thinks Satanic lesbians are growling at him like Margherita pizza. Mm-mm good! Props to my totally sane Italian home religion of birth, LGBT solidarity, and the ever-entertaining Satan!) Anyway, I have faith that the Uncon will straighten me out, at least, as far as the books are concerned. It’ll be like a boost. My score multiplier will increase. And then I’ll be able to stop going to confession.

Until then, I’m going to go drink some more orange juice and take a nap.

Note: I was so conked out on Sudafed that I completely forgot to tell you that I tweet @evil_librarian! Come say hi!


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