Links of the RA Unconference

To begin with, the Readers’ Advisory Unconference was just great. I wrote up a blog post/summary for the organizers here at their excellent Tumblr. Go check them out! Hashtag on Twitter was #rauncon and there’s a sweet Storify collecting all the tweets. Meanwhile, I’ve compiled all the links tweeted (and as many that were mentioned as I could remember) into this handy dandy list.

Here is your juicy linkage!



ALA report: Blog use tapering off in libraries 

LJ poll of RA activity in libraries



Beth Reads: Binge watching? How about binge reading?

Books, Yarn, Ink, and Other Pursuits by Kristy Chadwick (@booksNYarn)

Entertainment Weekly’s “I Read This So You Don’t Have To”

Massachusetts Library Association RA Genre Study Blog

RA for All: Becky (@RAforAll) posted about RAUncon and the Awesome Box!

This is a sentence: displays galore

Wrapped Up in Books: includes a lovely flowchart about humor in YA



Arlington Library’s LitUp program

Boxford Library’s Patron Video Book Recommendations:

Darien Library’s “You Are What You Read”

Darien Library’s Vimeo account

Jennifer Rummel’s (‏@yabooknerd) YA picks video 9made with Animoto)

Margin Project

Multnomah County Library’s My Librarian program

Nassau Libraries’ Book in a Bag program

NYPL Tweetwall

Syosset Library’s title swap


Resources & Tools

Allreaders: massive and extremely detailed book search engine

Animoto: make your own slideshow-type movies

Anythink materials merchandising guidelines: how to “sell” a book

Bibliocommons: a shared online catalog

EarlyWord: the publisher/librarian connection detailing books soon to be popular

Lauren Gledhill’s (@lubarlibrarian) list of nonfiction that reads like fiction: from RAUncon session

LibraryReads: books recommended by librarians

LibraryThing: online book cataloging

No Flying, No Tights: premier librarian-run comic book review site

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: reviews of romance novels


Social Media

Adult Reading Round Table: a great RT for RA

Fiction_L listserv: a longrunning RA listserv

Pinterest: Book Displays: best book displays evar

Pinterest: “Shanghai Girls” book club: best book club read themed board evar

ReadAdv discussion of Backlist: Best discussion of RA tools evar (features several conference attendees!)


Webinars & Education

Following patrons on Twitter: slideshare by Emily Lloyd, author of Shelf Check

Handouts from Readers Advisory: the complete spectrum workshop: RA appeal factors

Handouts from Readers Advisory: the complete spectrum workshop: Starter for book talks and reviews

Masslib RA webinars

Social media & RA webinar from conference attendees @helgagrace & @MarianLiberryan

The Awesome Box

Awesome Box

Brookline Library’s Awesome Box


If I missed anything or anyone, please say so and I will duly include it or them. Massive huge thanks to @bookavore (courageous leader of the whole shebang,) @booksNyarn, @lumbrarian, @sophiebiblio, @librarylinknj, @helgagrace, @yabooknerd, @alsnyder02, and @jenmalonewrites for providing all of those (except the ones that I, @evil_librarian, provided.)


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