You Sleigh Me

Recently, I wrote a blog for my employer, Wilmington Memorial Library. I realized that it was growing by 100 pageviews per month, not because it was unique or stellar, but because I was posting every damn day. Yahtzee! Why am I not doing this in my very own life? I asked. Why am I not utilizing my writerly talents to absorb the adulation of the throbbing masses?

I could come up with no answer, so I decided to pick up on Strange Days again. As I have little to talk about at the moment, I will talk about music.

Right now, I am listening to Treats by Sleigh Bells. I fucking love Sleigh Bells and I don’t care what that says about my personality, taste, or prospects. I have a fiancee who loves me despite Sleigh Bells, a family who tolerates me even when I insist on liking Sleigh Bells, and readers like you who might even, possibly, also enjoy Sleigh Bells. Treats is currently my very favorite Sleigh Bells song. I don’t know why. I don’t care enough to navel-gaze about it. It’s just a hardcore song that makes me feel like a badass. Here’s the music video. Maybe you can figure it out.


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