The Gift of Balloon Scythes


Things that I originally thought this windmill device in Porter Square might be for:

  • Generating wind power, because, I mean, look at it, and also, why the hell not;
  • Slowly boring a path for the Red Line to dive deep into the bowels of the Earth and finally be free;
  • CO2 capture and sequestration of same down in unused MBTA tunnels, where mutant rats synthesize their own carbon-fiber teeth and dream of dominion over the tyrant apes;
  • The Cambridge city council uses it to interpret signs and instructions from the eternally furious yet oddly impotent Deific Boston Wind Creature (DBWC);
  • There’s a really lame Bond villain living underneath that thing;
  • It’s part of a megastructure created by technologically advanced Native Americans long before Europeans arrived in the Hub and the government is now desperately trying to cover it up;
  • It’s a bio-synthetic growth experiment originally planted as a seedling by MIT undergrads.

However, it is art. At least, until the Not Art guy buys a ladder.


P.S. There’s a “Not Art” on a trash can in Salem. Is that you, Not Art guy? Did you move? Did you visit? Dude, you rock. You rock my socks. Please autograph my MacBook.