Fine. I’ll do it myself.

I’ll be honest. I thought people would freak out more about the end of the world.

It’s been a couple weeks since the IPCC report dropped. We done been told. People are thinking about it, too. Every once in a while, someone will randomly be like, Yeah, if we’re here in another 100 years. Whooph! Shudder shudder shudder I’m freaking out about climate change. And we almost have a conversation.

Then they say, Did you hear the YankSox won again?

And the conversation ends.

Guys. Guys. Guys.

Nothing is going to happen if we accept this. Without our raucous disapproval, our enthusiastic and radical life changes, and our absolutely obnoxious badgering of our political leaders, nothing will change. Because ultimately, corrupt though they may be, our politicians reflect our priorities. If they don’t think we care, they definitely aren’t going to pursue this. In this case, it is the future of our species on this planet. It must be pursued with tremendous prejudice. By all of us.

Personally, I’m planning a few big changes. Right now I can’t go public with all of it, for reasons that might become clearer later on, but for now, I can say that my wife and I are no longer planning on adding to the population of this planet. With – what, 7.6 billion? – too many people here, it doesn’t make sense to want “our own.” What does that even mean? Of all the people I like and love best in the world, only a few of them are blood relatives. So when we decide to have a family, we’ll be adopting. Fewer humans means less ecological stress on this place.

At risk of tipping my hand, I’m also ramping up the freelance work again. This time, instead of settling with Upwork alone, I’m going for a wider range of income streams. Different platforms. Bylines, even. From here, I can’t say what will happen, only that a multitalented person has a lot of options in this world, and I’m motivated to have a habitable Earth for my grandchildren.

Finally, because I tend to sink into the mud now and then on this issue, I’ve created a Facebook group to keep myself and like-minded people motivated. It’s called Climate Change: Resisting Despair, and it will be called that until someone comes up with a better title. Click on over and join! We’re going to do this together or not at all.

Edit: Did I write IFCC? Dur. Clearly I meant IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The relevant report is here.


Do Not Ignore the Eric Garner Case

I just wrote a 1,000 word piece on the death of Eric Garner, and WordPress bugged out and I lost it. Here’s the jist:


Institutionalized discrimination will bring our country down.

Boston protested last night. I’m hoping it will happen again. Real change needs to occur, obviously, but more than that, we need to sustain change. Congresspeople must be made aware that nobody wants any more black men to die at the hands of white police officers. Police chiefs need to be made aware that there is a problem with their hiring processes.

And if you feel like you can sit by because it doesn’t affect you…consider the morbid history of what happens to people who ignore minorities’ rights violations, especially by people who are armed, organized, and  in a position of authority.

Go Elect Yourself

demotivational voting

Thank you, fakeposters

It’s that time of year again. I’m proud to say that I’ll be voting this afternoon, not necessarily for a governor of Massachusetts – I though Duval Patrick did a pretty good job and Martha Coakley is a no-brainer – but for the questions. Here’s a rundown:


1. Gas tax

NO. No means “tie the gas tax to inflation” here. Seriously, do we want our potholes filled or not? Those pothole-filling machines run on gas too, y’know.

2. Bottle Bill

YES makes nonalcoholic, noncarbonated beverages subject to deposits and returns. There’s a little noise about this, though it’s being mostly outshined by Question 3, but the thing I have heard nobody mention is that bottles are the main source of income for a large percentage of the homeless population. The environment’s an extremely worthy cause, but has anyone thought about diverting that extra money to fund shelters?

3. Casinos

What. The. Fuck. Voters want casinos. They have said so by voting, which is how these things are supposed to work. It’s probably no worse an idea than cutting all taxes. Case closed, right?

Yet certain busybodies continue to believe that because they have a firmly held personal belief against casinos, nobody should get casinos. There are all kinds of dumb pseudo-economic excuses for this attitude, but it sounds like it comes down to the all-American desire to sermonize people who are trying to have fun.

A NO vote means let them have the fucking casinos. Also, stop trying to undermine the democratic process with loopholes and backhanded legalistic trickery. Are you not adults?

4. Employee sick time

So due to circumstances I have no interest in sharing with you nosy fucking bastards, I am losing my job at the end of December. Not that it’s much of a secret anymore – they posted the ad yesterday. I’m OK with it, I just wish they’d mentioned it was going up, you know? Anyway, the thing that has typified my short time at this job has been the total lack of sick time. I had about one day of personal time that I used on a family get-together – the only time I’d get to see my dad and sisters this year, as well as the last time my now-fiancee, then-girlfriend would have a chance to assess firsthand the family she was marrying into. It had been in the works for eight fucking months, so no way was I backing out. Then, obviously, a month later, I got sick and had to take a day unpaid. Then, because I couldn’t afford not to work, I went to work sick and spent the next month and a half trying to recover on my feet. It. Sucked.

The worst thing is that I may run into exactly the same situation if I get another library job: sic months of probationary, wherein I had damn well better not get sick.

Keep in mind that I’m in a position where I can even take an unpaid day. If you’re living on tips, or if your employer is an asshole who will fire you if you “don’t show up” after trying to call in sick (for sick time you don’t have,) then you know how much less wiggle room you have.

YES means every employer in Massachusetts will have to give people sick time. How is this even a question? If you vote NO, you have no soul.