He says it so much better

Can’t bring the funny this week. I tried to talk about why, but it came out garbled and I didn’t think it contributed to a positive discourse.

So I’m just going to leave this here. Trevor Noah may have had a rocky start, but I think he’s really grown into the Daily Show and I don’t think anyone could have summed things up with more tact and confidence. Also, check out this incredible resource kite for white people who want to stop contributing passively to the problem and start becoming part of the solution to racism.

Come on, fellow white people. Let’s stand up for our fellow Americans already.


Do Not Ignore the Eric Garner Case

I just wrote a 1,000 word piece on the death of Eric Garner, and WordPress bugged out and I lost it. Here’s the jist:


Institutionalized discrimination will bring our country down.

Boston protested last night. I’m hoping it will happen again. Real change needs to occur, obviously, but more than that, we need to sustain change. Congresspeople must be made aware that nobody wants any more black men to die at the hands of white police officers. Police chiefs need to be made aware that there is a problem with their hiring processes.

And if you feel like you can sit by because it doesn’t affect you…consider the morbid history of what happens to people who ignore minorities’ rights violations, especially by people who are armed, organized, and  in a position of authority.